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Benefits of Using Hair Care Products

Our hair requires the same level of nourishment as our body requires. When applied the right way, the best hair care products go to the scalp and the hair shaft, providing hair strengthening and growth results. And for those losing their hair consistently, the products reduce fall-off. Following are some of the best benefits of using our hair care products:

  • Gentle and nourishing: Our Brahmi, Amla, and Bhringraj-infused hair care products have no harsh chemicals, artificial additives, and synthetic fragrances that can strip your hair of its natural oils, causing large-scale damage.
  • Remove Dead Skin: Rich in nutrients, like vitamin C, flavonoids, and saponins, our hair care products nourish and moisturise the scalp and remove dead and dry skin.
  • Improve Hair Growth: Our Bhringraj-induced hair care products prevent baldness by improving hair follicle and scalp blood circulation, thus boosting hair growth and nourishment.
  • Reduced Allergies and Sensitivity: the best hair care products containing vitamin E are milder and less likely to cause adverse reactions. They are perfect for men and women with scalps prone to allergies.

Combats Hair Concerns: Egg Protein used in shampoos soothes, rehydrates, detoxifies and heals the skin. It repairs and removes the damaging effects of grime, pollution and dryness, making the hair shiny and smooth with extra volume.

Why are Hair Care Products important?

Hair care products are important for our appearance and overall hygiene. They give us healthy hair that makes us look our best and ensures our scalp and hair remain healthy. It is crucial to use superior-quality products that have been dermatologically tested and tried in laboratories and are known for offering some of the best results without causing major side effects.

  • Good shampoos, like those containing Egg protein and rice water, can help remove dirt build-up, product residue and excessive oil.
  • Hair solutions are the second step in hair care, and those infused with Brahmi can strengthen the hair roots and reduce hair fall. Think of these solutions as moisturising agents that detangle hair, reduce breakages and split ends, and make it smoother. 
  • Next, massaging the scalp with a good hair oil, like the one containing Bhringraj, exfoliates the scalp and remove dead skin and reduces hair fall and dandruff, thus promoting hair growth.
  • Hair capsules containing Bahera treat different hair and scalp infections, such as dandruff and folliculitis, and nourish the hair follicles with important nutrients. They also prevent hair breakage and fall by controlling stress hormone secretion.

Additionally, the best hair care products, including hair powders and capsules, smooth hair and offer complete protection from impurities, pollution, and heat.

How to use Hair Care Products?

Remember, a dedicated hair care routine that uses the best products will work wonders for your hair. From using the right products to opting for natural ingredients, the best hair care routine ensures you understand your hair and always choose the most suitable products. Some steps to use different hair care products and take care of your hair like a pro are as follows:

  • First, use any of our natural hair oils to massage your scalp for about 10 to 15 minutes. Next, apply oil to the hair strands and wait a few hours or overnight before washing your hair. This ensures your hair gets the maximum advantages of the product.
  • It’s time to wash your hair using our Egg Protein or Rice water-induced shampoo, which is mild on any hair type. Use plenty of water to cleanse your hair thoroughly.
  • After oiling and washing your hair, lock in all the moisture with our Brahmi-infused hair solution. Wait for some time, and then rinse off your hair.
  • Ensure your weekly hair care routine also includes hair capsules and powders to ensure you always have luscious locks.
  • Both men and women should oil their hair all over again post-washing to prevent split ends and hair breakage.

Following these steps to use hair care products correctly will help you maintain healthy hair without much hassle.

Why Extraposh Hair Care Products?

Our nature-inspired hair care products have everything required to maintain frizzy, dry and damaged hair. Try them to get your hair and scalp in check, prepare hair for oil training and add volume to your hair. Other important reasons to go for our hair care products include:

  • All our hair care products are available for purchase online on portals like Meesho, JioMart, Flipkart, and Amazon. They are delivered right to your doorsteps safely and securely without any shipping charges.
  • Our hair care products combine modern science with traditional Ayurveda to provide all-inclusive hair care. They are non-greasy, easy to apply, and quickly absorbed by the scalp.
  • You can use all our hair care products regularly without worrying about damage.
  • Results may vary, but you may notice better hair health within a few weeks of proper use.
  • Our hair care products suit all types of hair, including normal, dry, and oily hair. They can be used in combination with other hair care products to enhance results.
  • The products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and work for individuals of all ages.
  • With all-natural ingredients, the products are environmentally friendly. They are also silicone and sulphate-free. 

Are Hair Care Products effective?

External hair care using different types of natural hair care products has a positive effect on hair appearance and health. Hair solutions, shampoos, oils, capsules and powders specifically designed for all hair types can cleanse, protect and nourish hair and also avoid heat damage.

  • First, let’s talk about hair oil. Applied both before and after washing and conditioning hair, our hair oils protect hair from damage and make it easier to style. They are hair-nourishing oils containing Bhringraj that moisturise and strengthen hair follicles. Choose a hair oil formulated for your hair type, though we sell oils suitable for all kinds of hair.
  • Now shampoos! Our Egg Protein shampoo can be a game-changer for your hair, especially if you are dealing with frizzy and dry hair. Our shampoo nourishes and moisturises hair, leaving it shiny, smooth and soft.
  • The real secret, however, is hair capsules and powders. These mild formulations are free of harsh parabens, sulphates, and chemicals. They do not eliminate the natural oils of the hair while cleansing.

So, use our nourishing shampoos, oils, solutions, capsules and powders with powerful natural ingredients to address varied hair concerns.