About Us

Why Extraposh?

India is a land known for its traditional ways and ancient recipes of using the Ayurvedic herbs effectively.

Extraposh used the same technique and developed an optimum combination of Ayurvedic wisdom & modern scientific research.

We ensure that we deliver the foremost product that is diligent about the environment.

It is quite common for beauty companies to not disclose all ingredients on their product labels but Extraposh believes in absolute disclosure of its products.

Our products are made with the knowledge of ancient Ayurveda and from handpicked ingredients in their purest organic forms.

We make products that cater to all skin types and we assure that the consumer should get value for his money.

Since you are our biggest motivator, it’s our responsibility to keep our all promises, uncompromisingly.



With decades of experience in the field of Ayurveda, Extraposh has world-class manufacturing facilities with pharmaceutical-grade production standards that brings you the finest quality premium products at reasonable prices.

We have a team of qualified dermatologists and cosmetologists who design the highest standard cosmetics and personal care products and they assure that the products must work without compromising on their purity or the Ayurvedic principles they are based on.

Our Mission

The mission of Extraposh is to provide a wide range of high-quality products established from purely herbal ingredients derived from nature and cultures.

Ayurveda is the primary inspiration behind Extraposh.

We’re dedicated to our products and services and really want to bring the benefit and goodness of Ayurveda to the forefront.

We’ve always been interested in promoting Indian herbal heritage to every corner of the globe and are passionate to elevate your natural beauty and for that, we intend to remain rigorous in our mission of delivering visible and proven results of our products.