Hair Oil for Long Hair

Extraposh provides the best oil to stop hair fall in India. The oil is based on 100% natural oils, including almond oil, coconut oil and plant-based herbs that promote hair growth and prevent hair roots from damage. This good hair oil for hair growth deeply nourishes the scalp and has anti-dandruff properties. Regular massage with this oil helps to deal with dandruff and make your roots stronger. For dry, dull, and fizzy hair, this is one of the good hair oils for hair growth to combat all the issues that result in hair breakage. The natural-based oil is safe and effective for men and women regardless of age group. It works best with Extraposh deep conditioning shampoo and conditioners.

The hair oil comprises Brahmi and is rich in vital nutrients such as vitamin C, flavonoids and Saponins. These key ingredients help to strengthen the roots of your hair and minimize hair fall, which is the best way to stop hair loss. Natural ingredients nourish the scalp, strengthen roots and deeply moisturize the scalp while removing dead skin from the scalp. This best oil to stop hair fall in India is free from harmful chemicals, making it an effective formulation to promote lustrous and shiny hair.

  • Good hair oil for hair growth calms itchy scalps.
  • Regular massage with hair oil improves blood circulation into the roots to strengthen the hair.
  • The formula helps to promote hair growth and reduce fizziness.
  • Ideal for both men and women.
  • The non-greasy formula allows easy application.

How to Use

The best oil to stop hair fall in India is easy to apply and promotes hair growth naturally. Take a sufficient amount of oil in your hands and gently apply from the roots to the tips of the hair. For good results, use hair oil twice or thrice a week. Leave overnight after applying the oil to penetrate the scalp.



  1. What are the best ways to stop hair loss?

Apply Extraposh hair oil regularly and maintain a good, healthy diet to promote hair growth and reduce breakage.

  1. Which is the excellent hair oil for hair growth?

Extraposh hair oil is ideal to promote hair growth and improve the texture of the hair. It boosts blood circulation and improves root strength.

  1. How do I buy the hair oil?

You can buy the hair oil from our official website and Amazon.