How To Increase Breast Size Naturally?

How To Increase Breast Size Naturally?

Many women desire to have the perfect body figure, including having perfectly shaped breasts. It is possible to increase breast size, however, this is done through a surgical procedure known as breast augmentation. During this surgery, a surgeon inserts saline and silicone implants under the breast tissue to add volume. While this process may seem tempting, there are serious risks associated with it and it is only estimated to last for about 12 years. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if the potential risks are worth it.


Interesting Facts About Breasts

Breasts have a purpose and can do a lot more than you can imagine. Here are some interesting facts about breasts and it’s very purpose in a woman’s life.

  • Did you know that the left breast is bigger than the right? Yes, no two breasts appear to be the same.
  • breasts move in the number 8 when you exercise.
  • Breast size changes almost 6 times in a woman’s entire life. This is because of the type of bra that is worn.
  • Your breasts get matured only after pregnancy and lactation.
  • Breasts naturally grow until 4 years after a woman’s first period. 

Can You Increase Breast Size at Home? How?

Yes, you can increase the size of your breasts naturally by massaging, breast enlargement exercises and foods that make it look bigger. Here is what you need to do to make it look big and flaunt it.

1. Breast Increase Foods

Foods such as milk products, fruits and nuts can aid in natural breast enlargement. Here are some healthy recipes that will ensure results in a month.


Your breasts are entirely made of fat and consuming whole milk products that are rich in fat can increase breasts size.


Papaya mixed with milk increases breast size. However, if you are pregnant, it is not the fruit that needs to be added to your pregnancy diet.

Fenugreek seeds

Contains a rich source of estrogen that stimulates bigger breasts. Make a paste and mix with mustard oil and massage your breasts gently.

Fennel seeds

Add fennel seed powder to your food OR make a paste and mix it with olive oil and massage.

Flax seeds

Chew flax seeds OR add flax seed powder to your food.


Nuts have a rich source of monounsaturated fats that are essential for building breast tissue.


Soybean is rich in phytoestrogens which is a hormone that is responsible for big breasts. It also prevents free radicals that cause cancer.

2. Massage Oil For Big Breasts

Of course, massaging is one of the best ways to increase breast size. So what natural oils or lotions can you use to massage your breasts? Here is what you need to know:

  • Flaxseed oil
  • Breast enlargement creams
  • Fennel and
  • Olive oil

How To Get A Breast Massage?

The best natural way to increase breasts size is by getting an oil massage done. Here are some simple steps as to how to get one done.

Step 1: Move your hands around both breasts in a circulator way.

Step 2: Join both breasts together.

Step 3: Repeat 10 times every day using some of the above-listed natural oils.

NOTE: Do not do this for too long as it can lead to swelling and sensitivity.

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