How To Increase Breast Size?

How To Increase Breast Size?

What affects breast size and shape?

There are various factors that can influence the size and shape of breasts in women, such as age, genetics, body weight, lifestyle, diet, and hormonal changes.

All these factors can directly or indirectly affect the development and growth of breasts. Additionally, some medical conditions can also cause a reduction in breast size. So, it is clear that the size and shape of breasts are determined by a combination of factors, some of which are out of our control. Nevertheless, there are many ways to increase the size and shape of breasts. Let's look at all the methods that can help augment the size and shape of breasts.

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What Affects Breast Size & Shape?

When it comes to increasing breast size, many women take steps without fully understanding the factors that contribute to  shape. While other parts of the body may reach a certain size and stay that way, breasts can change size and shape throughout life. There are a few key factors that can influence the size and shape of your breasts naturally:


Family History or Genetics

Genes play a role in determining physical characteristics like hair and skin color, height, and eye color, and the same is true for breast size. However, it is not a guarantee that you will have large breasts if someone in your family does.

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Your Weight

Breasts are made up of various components, such as connective tissues, milk glands, ducts, and fatty tissues. Each woman has a different ratio of these different tissues, so weight gain or loss can affect the size of your breasts if they contain a high amount of fatty tissues. Therefore, when you gain or lose weight, your breast size and shape will follow suit.


 The majority of changes that occur in the breasts are attributed to hormonal fluctuations. Breasts start to grow in females when the ovaries mature and release the estrogen hormone. The hormone levels continue to change even after puberty. Hence, whenever the estrogen levels increase in the body due to menstruation or the use of birth controls, the breasts grow to some extent.


Pregnancy & Postpartum

 During pregnancy, the breasts change a lot. They also grow several cup sizes due to water retention, weight gain, and growth of mammary glands for milk production and storage. During the 9 months of pregnancy and throughout the breastfeeding phase, the breasts appear large. But after some time, they return to their normal size.


Your overall lifestyle, especially physical activity and food you eat, also affects the breast’s shape and size. For instance, doing pectoral exercises can make your breasts look perkier.

Breast Augmentation or Implant Surgery to Increase Breast Size

Breast augmentation surgery (Augmentation Mammoplasty) is no longer a taboo in India. Many women are choosing this procedure to increase the breast size as desired. When all other methods to increase breast size fail, breast augmentation surgery remains the best option. You should also know that other methods do not yield effective and permanent results. 

Breast augmentation surgery is done using two techniques- fat transfer and breast implants. In most cases, breast implants are used to enhance breast size, due to which the procedure is also commonly known as breast implant surgery.

How to Increase Breast Size with Food?

There are many foods that may be helpful to increase breast size. Diet plays a major role in elevating the estrogen levels in the body resulting in the growth of breast size. 

If you want to increase breast size without surgery, you can try including the foods below in your diet and see if they help.

1: Soy Products

Soy milk and soya bean are excellent sources of isoflavones that imitate the behavior of the estrogen hormone. Eating soya beans and drinking soy milk on a regular basis may help the breasts to grow.

2: Fenugreek Seeds

Using fenugreek seeds for breast growth is a very popular method. But women are always skeptical about the results. 

So, does fenugreek increase breast size?

Fenugreek seeds are rich in phytoestrogen and help to promote mammary gland growth. The phytoestrogens and diosgenin found in the seeds aid prolactin hormone to increase breast size. However, they may or may work in a particular case. 

You can add one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to your daily diet or use fenugreek oil to massage the breasts.

3: Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds contain phytoestrogen and natural plant hormones like flavonoids. These hormones, along with molecules like estragole, anethole, and fenchone, can help to develop breast tissues and increase milk secretion. The effect of using these seeds varies from woman to woman. You can try these seeds and see if they make a difference in breast size.

4: Milk Products

All dairy products, including cheese, milk, yogurt, etc., contain reproductive hormones that are essential to increase breast size naturally. Cow milk contains estrogen, prolactin, and progesterone hormone that aids in breast growth. So, make sure you drink a glass of milk every morning and night.

5: Fruits & Nuts

Fruits like papaya, cherries, bananas, pomegranates, apples, watermelons, etc. help to boost estrogen production in the body naturally. They also lower the testosterone levels in the body, which further enhances the breast shape and volume. All types of nuts, including walnuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, and pecans, are rich in estrogen and phytoestrogen. Increasing the intake of these fruits and nuts may also increase breast size.

6: Chicken & Seafood

Chicken is very good for reproductive functioning. It contains potent nutrients that boost estrogen levels in the body at a faster rate. You can consider adding chicken to your diet at least twice a week to increase the breast size faster. Similarly, seafood like prawns, oysters, shellfish, etc. has high levels of manganese and trigger sex hormones- estrogen, contributing to breast growth.

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How Breast Tightening & Enlargement BB Maxx Capulses Works?

BB MAXX Breast Enlargement Capsules provides the cure for ailments and beauty enhancement and personal care for modern women. These are frequently portrayed as being a natural means to increase breast size and are full of ingredients that have been known to effectively grow the size of women's breasts safely and inexpensively. It easily dissolves into the body and increases the growth of tissue around the breast, making the breast fuller. It’s An Ayurvedic Product having no side effects on the skin.

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Ingredients of Breast Tightening & Enlargement BB Maxx Capsules:

- Fenugreek Extract: This extract provides essential fatty acids and phytoestrogens which help increase breast size, tone and firmness.

- Mexican Wild Yam: This natural herb helps improve skin elasticity and increase breast firmness

. - Saw Palmetto: This herb helps balance hormones and increases breast size.

- Damiana Leaf Extract: This herbal extract helps to increase breast size and reduce sagging.

- Blessed Thistle: This herb helps to stimulate breast tissue growth and firmness.

- Dong Quai: This herb helps to balance hormones and improve breast firmness.

- Fennel Seed: This herb helps to stimulate breast size and firmness. - Ginger Root Extract: This herb helps to improve circulation and increase breast size.

- Hops Extract: This extract helps to reduce breast sagging and improve tone.

- Motherwort: This herb helps to stimulate breast tissue growth and improve firmness.

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1. Increases breast size, shape, and fullness.

2. Helps to enhance the cleavage, making it look more natural and attractive.

3. Improves the overall appearance of the breasts while providing a more youthful and firmer look.

4. Non-invasive and painless procedure that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

5. Helps to improve posture and provide firmness to the breasts.

6. Increases the elasticity of the skin and helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

7. Improves blood circulation and promotes long-term breast health.

8. Safe and effective way to enhance the size and shape of the breasts without any risks or side effects.



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