Extraposh Vigo Well Oil for Enlargement, Extraposh Vigo Well Capsule for Stamina and Strength of Men and Extraposh Vigo Well Intimate Wash Gel for Hygiene combo kit

Extraposh Vigo Well Oil for Enlargement, Extraposh Vigo Well Capsule for Stamina and Strength of Men and Extraposh Vigo Well Intimate Wash Gel for Hygiene combo kit

Extraposh Vigo Well Oil for Enlargement, Extraposh Vigo Well Capsule for Stamina and Strength of Men and Extraposh Vigo Well Intimate Wash Gel for Hygiene combo kit is a powerful trio of products designed to provide men with better sexual health. The oil helps to increase the size and girth of the penis, while the capsules help to improve stamina and strength during intercourse. The intimate wash gel is designed to maintain good hygiene and prevent infection during intimate contact.

The Extraposh Vigo Well combo kit provides an effective and comprehensive solution for better sexual health for men. The natural ingredients in the oil, capsules and gel are designed to improve size, stamina and strength, and maintain good hygiene. This combo kit is a great way to achieve better sexual health and performance.

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Many men find themselves suddenly struggling with strength and stamina, with their workouts becoming more intense, energy levels decreasing, and muscle tone diminishing. Although aging may be a factor, other causes may be at play. It can be difficult to feel like one is losing strength and stamina, and this can prevent them from leading the life they want. Fortunately, there are a few ways to increase strength and stamina, and the following are five of the most effective:


Sleep  is one of the most powerful ways that you can restore your strength and stamina. Sleep is crucial for athletic performance and for maintaining strength and stamina. Your body needs to get into REM sleep. Remember, that the amount of sleep you need changes as you age. Teens need 8 ½-9 hours and adults need 7-9.



is one of the biggest reasons people lose stamina. In addition to drinking 8-10 glasses of water each and every day, you may want to consider other forms of helping you get re-hydrated. IV therapies, such as the Hydration Hero services offered at LT Men’s Clinics can help anyone get the extra boost of hydration that they need.


There are so many health and wellness issues that all come down to diet. What you put in your body can drastically change how you feel, how much energy you have and how well your muscles recover. Take a moment to really look at your diet. How healthy is it? Introducing lots of vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins into your diet, while keeping it as clean and natural as possible is going to give your strength and stamina a major boost.

The Extraposh Vigo Well Capsule for Stamina and Strength of Men helps to improve stamina and strength during intercourse. The capsules are formulated with natural ingredients that help to increase energy levels and improve endurance during sex. The capsules also help to improve the quality of erections and increase libido.

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Does oil work for penis enlargement?

Unfortunately, no oils on the market will increase the size of your penis, and using them could even cause harm. However, it is possible to enlarge your penis through other means. It's important to understand that there is no scientific evidence that using oils or other supplements will do the trick. So, it's best to avoid them altogether and look into alternative solutions. That said, certain oils may be beneficial for your sexual health in other ways. Keep reading to learn more about the oils you should stay away from and the ones that can help improve your sexual function.


Oils for sexual health

Although the evidence behind essential oils is limited, some studies suggest that they may help with certain sexual conditions like erectile dysfunction. It is believed that these oils may work by enhancing a sense of relaxation, well-being, and confidence, which may lead to improved sexual experiences.


 However, it is important to note that essential oils will not increase your penis size. Furthermore, research on their effectiveness is still limited. Additionally, there are various ways to use essential oils, such as inhalation, diffusers, and more. If you are planning to apply essential oils to your skin, it is important to mix it with a carrier oil first. Ingesting essential oils is not recommended. If you are interested in trying out different essential oils for your sexual health, here are a few to consider:

Switch up your workouts.

Exercising is a great way to keep your strength and stamina up. However, many men start to realize their deficiencies in this area whenever they are in the middle of their workouts. The best way to prevent this from happening is to switch up your workouts. Routine can be the enemy when it comes to struggling with strength and stamina.

Hormone Therapy

 For men, there is no bigger culprit behind dwindling strength and stamina than hormonal imbalances. Low testosterone or Low T impacts millions of men of all ages and backgrounds, yet many men have yet to have this hormonal imbalance diagnosed. Hormone therapy can help restore testosterone levels in the body so men can continue to feel like themselves. Hormone therapies can be administered through pellets, injections, patches or creams.

The Extraposh Vigo Well Oil for Enlargement is formulated with natural ingredients that help to promote a larger and fuller penis. The oil helps to improve blood circulation and increase the size of the penis. The result is a larger and fuller penis with enhanced sexual performance.

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 Essential Intimate Hygiene Tips For Men To Keep Things Clean Down There

While we pay so much attention to all forms of hygiene, we tend to not give intimate hygiene the special attention that it needs. Whether it is about foul smell or good health, intimate hygiene is just as important as any other form of personal hygiene

Your genital area is more delicate than any other area of your body. For this reason, it requires a special, gentle routine for intimate hygiene. Although it's not a topic that's discussed often, here are five essential tips for intimate hygiene that all men should know and follow.

Why Is Intimate Hygiene Important?

Maintaining good intimate hygiene is essential not only for sexual well-being and fitness, but also for overall health and fitness. Poor hygiene in the groin area can lead to unpleasant odors, itching, excess perspiration, rashes, pimples, and more. Given that the groin area has more sweat glands than other parts of the body, it is important to have a comprehensive intimate hygiene routine. Daily showering is a great start, but there are other helpful tips to keep in mind when caring for your intimate area.



Grooming Regularly

Maintaining proper hygiene is a key part of being a man, so it’s important to stay on top of your grooming routine. One area that is particularly important to take care of is ‘down there’. To reduce sweating and the buildup of bacteria, you should develop a trimming routine that works for you. Begin by taking a hot shower and exfoliating the area - this will open up the pores and make it easier to trim. Avoid using a razor to shave your pubes, as this will cause irritation and itching. Once you have achieved the desired look, take another shower to make sure you’re properly cleansed.


Use Moisturising Products

If you opt to shave, be sure to use moisturising products before and after. To begin, apply a small amount of shaving foam or cream. After you're finished, apply a gentle body lotion to the area. Shaving can lead to skin bumps, dryness, and irritation, so it's vital to keep the area hydrated with a moisturiser.


Use Gentle Intimate Washes

Taking good care of your intimate areas is of most importance. A gentle intimate wash specifically designed for men is the best way to do so. Regular men's personal hygiene products may be too harsh for this sensitive region and can cause reactions. Make sure to invest in a good intimate wash and to not over-wash or dry out the area.


Good Underwear

To ensure intimate care, one of the most essential tips is to always wear clean underwear. Not only does this help to reduce the presence of bacteria caused by sweating, but it's also important to choose the right fabrics. Opt for natural materials, such as cotton, as opposed to synthetic materials. Lightweight fabrics are ideal as they help to reduce perspiration and keep the area feeling fresh.

The Extraposh Vigo Well Intimate Wash Gel for Hygiene is designed to maintain good hygiene during intimate contact. The gel is formulated with natural ingredients that help to protect against infection and maintain good hygiene during sex. The gel is also gentle on the skin and helps to prevent irritation and dryness.

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